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Morgan Hill Partners Announces Nationwide Partnership with Silicon Valley based University Capital Group
SaaS is a symptom of a societal shift towards the immediacy and usability of data. Data, of course, comes in myriad forms. It can be as vital as a minute-by-minute measure of a diabetic's blood sugar levels, or as mundane as the digital tracking of all your expenses on a mobile application.
Morgan Hill Partners, an innovative business partner with a results driven approach and a proven methodology, announces a strategic partnership with San Francisco-based venture services firm University Capital Group (UCG). The partnership combines Morgan Hill's 'Path-to-Value' playbook with UCG's unique venture model to facilitate access to the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem for Morgan Hill and client companies. As part of the strategic collaboration, UCG co-founder Seth Weiner will serve as a Board Advisor to Morgan Hill Partners.

"Today's announcement with industry leader UCG is another solid step in our journey to build on our foundation in venture services, while significantly expanding Morgan Hill's reach on the West Coast - and becoming a leader in scaling Silicon Valley startups," said Jim Barnish, Morgan Hill Founder and General Partner. "This partnership will help us fully deliver on our startup to scale-up strategy by giving us strong investment facilitation capabilities in Silicon Valley and the rest of the Bay Area."

University Capital Group, a venture services firm based in San Francisco, is the brainchild of Seth Wiener and Michael Gonzalez, two industry veterans in Silicon Valley. Wiener has more than 23 years of leadership experience at businesses of all sizes, ranging from pre-revenue startups to $10B+ business units at Fortune 50 companies. Additionally, Wiener has co-founded seven startups with four exits prior to founding UCG. He is a current board-member of four private companies and one charitable foundation helping children with learning difficulties. In 2018, Wiener also co-founded a secure on-premises data storage company focused on large enterprise clients.

"It is an honor to partner with Morgan Hill – their value-driven playbook, which includes an elastic CXO model provides significant value to clients trying to surpass their next milestone. I am most impressed with the efficiency layer Morgan Hill adds to organizations and the measurable gains to both top and bottom-line revenue metrics." said Wiener. "Founder coaching and executive advisory are critical to the alignment and execution of firms of all sizes and stages. We've seen companies struggle to translate their incredible products and vision into commercial successes. By combining the capabilities of Morgan Hill's strategic planning, product, and revenue creation solutions with UCG's venture services model, we can now help startup businesses better focus, innovate, and execute against the areas that will best predict their success."

You can read the full press release here.

Welcome aboard, Seth!


Launched in 2017 by seasoned entrepreneurs and startup veterans Steven Horwitz, John Lema, and Jim Barnish, Morgan Hill Partners has re-envisioned the traditional management consultancy, pairing seasoned CXO consultants with a proven Path-to-Value Platform, to help its clients predictably and cost-effectively scale and optimize their businesses. The firm works exclusively with tech and tech-enabled companies, ranging from pre-revenue startups in "discovery" stage through PE/venture-backed companies in "scale" stage. With nine offices across the US, Morgan Hill fundamentally changes the way consulting services are delivered, investing a portion of the firm's fees, aligning firm performance with client outcomes.

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