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MHP is an elite team of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned operators who specialize in identifying creative growth options that maximize shareholder value.

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Maximizing stakeholder value
Building better tech businesses

Businesses at inflection points need a multitude of value creation options. Morgan Hill partners with you to identify creative options and flexibly execute on them, maximizing stakeholder value.
Deep, Curated Talent
We are a curated group of serial entrepreneurs and executives with broad experience and deep industry specialization. Our mission is to dig deep to engineer creative growth solutions that maximize returns for stakeholders.
Unique Methodology
Our operators maximize returns by combining their deep experience with our proven methodology to design the right strategy. Our methodology is a growth framework that is designed to be measurable, repeatable, and scalable for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
Aligned With Your Success
We believe in being more than a hired gun. We align our incentives with our clients by linking our fees to their results and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business.
Operational Leverage
We provide fractional executive support that fills the gaps that are sabotaging your progress. We augment the drivers of company growth, putting you on a path to hit your next milestone.
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Our team of specialists is on a mission to identify and execute creative growth strategies that maximize shareholder value.


We provide growth-stage companies with the tools, talent, and confidence to grow. In order to maximize value provided to our clients, we design custom solutions for each client we partner with.
Executive Leadership and Board Advisory
Coaching and advice at each stage of the journey, for every discipline within your company, from a team that has been there and done it.
Company-Wide Assessments and Alignment
Our team dives deep and asks all the tough questions you need to ask to achieve your objectives. Our assessments create a holistic view of company performance, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and making recommendations.
Market Research and Deterministic Road Maps
Exceptional, process-driven research and analysis eliminates risks, ensuring you have the optimal strategy, positioning, and product market fit. We transform data-driven insights about your business and market opportunities into structured road maps guiding strategy.
Investment Facilitation and Exit Planning
We are your partner to hit your next funding milestone through defined research, strategy, and investment facilitation processes.
Organizational Design and Talent Growth
We design exponential organizations from the ground up with a framework and infrastructure that ensures you are primed for growth.
Brand Strategy and Offering Productization
Concrete brand strategies and product positioning enables differentiation and creates competitive advantages. Through deep research and expertise we productize and position your company to drive revenue.
Market Development and Revenue Acceleration
We deep dive to understand your buyer personas and provide the tools and processes to reliably drive revenue across the business.
Business Process Improvement and Analytics
By optimizing processes and creating transparency through reporting, businesses are able to make decisions with more confidence and grow more quickly.
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