Case study: Turn Around to Exit

Engineering Growth: From Turnaround to Exit

A global systems integrator was struggling to turn a profit, weighed down by an unsustainable revenue model and a lack of differentiation in a highly competitive market. Working with Morgan Hill, the company transformed their business model, generating an incredible increase in revenue growth and leading to a successful private sale.
Key takeaways:
      • 300% increase in revenue and gross margins over 24 months
      • Took company from negative growth to positive growth
      • Oversaw successful private sale, doubling shareholder value

      The Challenge:

      A system integrator and solutions provider using leading CRM and HCM tools had sound IT infrastructure and valuable IP assets, but were struggling to stay afloat with high operating costs, low margins, and a lack of creative solutions. The board - facing the prospect of diminishing returns - sought elite operational engineering to turn the business around. Transforming the bottom line and growing revenue to a profitable state were the core objectives for Morgan Hill operators in this engagement.

      The Solution:

      Entering a company with limited runway and a dysfunctional revenue model, Morgan Hill operators took the role of CEO and brought operational execution to bear in the following areas:

      • Strategic leadership. A new business model and set of solutions offerings were needed to bring the company to profitability. Morgan Hill articulated and implemented a new revenue model, positioning the company as a top-tier consulting partner targeting enterprise companies.
      • Architected global go-to-market initiatives. Morgan Hill architected a completely unique set of go-to-market strategies and plans, rolled out on a global scale. The new revenue model - focused on delivering high-margin enterprise solutions to larger players on leading CRM platforms - proved incredibly effective. Forging an identity as a top-tier consulting partner was an essential piece in this new endeavor.
      • Recruited top talent. High-caliber operators across functional areas were brought in to assist in the implementation of the new revenue model. Aligning the entire team with a common strategy and specific performance goals was critical to achieving objectives.
      • Managed all components of company sale. Remarkable growth over a two year period led to an acquisition by a major market player - with the sale doubling shareholder value. Morgan Hill operators were instrumental in the throughout the process of the sale, including due diligence, legal proceedings, and financial reporting.

        The Outcomes:
        • Established firm as Platinum consulting partner
        • 100% increase in revenue and gross margins over 24 months
        • Oversaw successful private sale, doubling shareholder value

        The tactics deployed by Morgan Hill operators achieved the desired objectives. Refined market alignment put the company on a deterministic path to revenue growth and increased stakeholder value in an incredibly competitive market.

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